AURA Nutrition Elevated Collagen MCT Creamer 300 g

AURA Nutrition Elevated Collagen MCT Creamer 300 g


Energize your coffee with AURA Elevated Collagen Creamer. AURA’s Elevated Collagen is an equal blend of Swiss sourced collagen and sustainable produced, chemical free, sprayed dried coconut oil powder. Get a natural boost of energy, collagen protein, improve your focus and elevate your day.

Women’s bodies depend more on healthy fats for fuel than men’s bodies do. With this in mind, we have a female-focused product with the right fat and protein profile. High–quality ingredients are sustainably sourced. A flexible, unflavoured and clean-label product that is easy to incorporate into everyday life.


Key Features
100% Natural
Sustainably Sourced
Paleo & Keto Friendly
GMO Free
Antibiotic and hormone-free

Health Benefits
Skin hydration
Slows down fine lines and wrinkles
Supports healthy hair and nail growth
Maintains bone density and overall bone health
Builds lean muscle and burns fat
Improves focus
Boosts energy levels
Aids in weight management