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Bambu Utensil Travel Set Hemp Denim Fork Spoon Knife We developed our first knife, fork, spoons sets 12 years ago. Ever since these tools have been a favorite item for many. We wanted to create the very best option available and stay true to our sustainable roots. No plastic, no thank you. It starts with our hand shaped Knife, Fork, Spoon. The only cutlery sets made with certified organic bamboo. Each utensil is hand-shaped from a single piece of bamboo. After shaping, sanding and cleaning, a light food-safe oil is applied. We don't use typical shiny lacquer finishes like many others, preferring a more natural finish to our tools. The heads are protected snug and clean with a choice of three of our natural fabrics: cork, hemp denim, or organic cotton stripe. They include a brass rivet to clip and hang, and a snap to keep them secure. Everything you need to get from pan or plate to mouth.