BIC Soleil Savvy Disposable Razor Women 4 Pack

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Get soft, smooth skin with the BiC For Women Soleil Savvy Shaver Handle & Cartridges. This special set helps keep your skin silky smooth with advanced moisturizers. BiC Soleil cartridges are designed to glide effortlessly over the curves of the body, with three flexible blades and a pivoting head for a flawlessly smooth shave. The pivoting head also makes it easy to reach more challenging spaces, including behind the knees and along the bikini line, without pulling, tearing or nicking the skin. The unique design makes it easy to use the razor to shave arms, legs and underarms. The heads are designed with special lubricating strips, rich in vitamin E, to improve glide and moisturize simultaneously, for beautiful results. The handle features a rubber grip for safe, easy use in or out of the shower or bath. Each set includes one disposable BiC Soleil handle and four BiC razor cartridges. Additional refill cartridges are sold separately.
BiC For Women Soleil Savvy Shaver Handle and Cartridges:

  • 3 flexible blades for a flawlessly smooth shave
  • Lubricating strips with vitamin E
  • Pivoting head and rubber grip for ultimate comfort
  • Includes one disposable handle and four cartridges
  • BiC Soleil cartridge ideal for shaving arms, legs and underarm areas
  • Includes one disposable handle and four BiC razor cartridges