Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear Maximum Absorbency Small/Medium 19 ct

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Get incontinence and postpartum underwear you can depend on with Always Discreet. This super-absorbent disposable underwear has an incredible fit and up to 100% bladder leak protection. The incontinence briefs have a RapidDry™ core that covers you from front to back for protection where you need it. The core technology turns liquid to gel to absorb even the heaviest leaks.
The Double LeakGuards™ help keep wetness away from edges and stop leaks where they happen most. Always Discreet has 360° FormFit™ elastics that pull the contoured core closer to the body, so you can say goodbye to bulky adult diapers and hello to a smooth and comfortable fit. As always, exclusive OdorLock technology helps neutralize odours instantly and continuously. With Always Discreet incontinence underwear, you can walk with poise while wearing discreet, amazing protection.
•Absorbent incontinence underwear that always ship discreetly
•RapidDry™ core covers you from front to back for HeavyLeak™ protection day or night
•FormFit™ with 360° elastics pulls the core closer to the body for a discreet fit
•Double LeakGuards™ help keep wetness away from edges for secure bladder leak protection you can depend on
•Contoured core hugs your curves for a smooth, comfortable fit, unlike bulky adult diapers
•For the right incontinence protection for any situation, try Always Discreet Liners and Incontinence Pads
•Bladder Protection underwear for day and overnight, even for the heaviest overactive bladder leaks