Dove Go Fresh Rivitalize Beauty Bar 4 x 90 g

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Wondering how to replenish and revitalize skin? We think that your skin care routine can start right at the beginning of your day, in the shower. And, with the right products, the shower can be a great place to refresh your skin and senses as well. That’s why we’ve created Dove Go Fresh Revitalize Beauty Bar, part of Dove Go Fresh, a range of skin cleansing products designed to leave you and your skin feeling refreshed, replenished and feeling hydrated. The caring formula leaves skin feeling refreshed and radiant, and the revitalizing mandarin and tiaré flower scent gives your senses a boost of energy.

This Dove bar combines our mild cleansers with ¼ moisturizing cream to help replenish and care for skin, leaving it soft and smooth. At the same time, Dove Revitalize fills your shower with the vibrant, juicy scent of mandarin and tiaré flower to leave you and your skin feeling refreshed.

Just rub your Dove Beauty Bar between your wet hands and smooth the light, refreshing lather over your skin before rinsing thoroughly away.