TRESemme Touchable Bounce Mousse 192 g

TRESemme Touchable Bounce Mousse 192 g

Personal Care
When it comes to getting style with bounce, why does there always have to be a trade off? You're either left with hair that's sticky and stiff, or your style just falls flat.

Luckily, there's a hair volumizing mousse that's a win-win for your hair. TRESemmé® Beauty-Full Volume™ Touchable Bounce Hair Mousse let's you have it all: hair with beautiful volume that feels soft and natural.

For touchable volume, our lightweight mousse with Fleximax Volumizers builds beautiful body while still letting hair move naturally. It's the perfect blow-dry companion, delivering soft volume with an airy, all-day lift.

How to amp up volume and softness with Tresemme mousse:

Prep hair with TRESemmé® Beauty-Full Volume™ Pre-Wash Conditioner and follow with the Reverse System Shampoo to achieve hair that's soft and bouncy.

Dispense a liberal dollop of TRESemmé® mousse into the palm of your hand and run it through damp hair, focusing on the roots.

Blow-dry hair with a round brush, lifting from the roots to build in body.

Once you've got the bouncy look you're after, finish with a spritz of TRESemmé® Beauty-Full Volume™ Flexible Finish Hairspray for long-lasting bouncy hold.

Did you unlock soft, long-lasting volume with this mousse? Share your review and styling tips so others can achieve beautiful volume with our professional hair products.
✔ TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume™ Touchable Bounce Mousse is the perfect blow-dry companion for style with bounce
✔ Fleximax Volumizers build long-lasting body, while letting hair move naturally
✔ This lightweight mousse delivers airy, all-day lift for soft, manageable hair
✔  Achieves long-lasting lift without leaving hair sticky or crunchy
✔  Run a dime-sized dollop of product from roots to ends for soft, bouncy hair
✔  Gentle enough for everyday use