Playtex Simply Gentle Glide Unscented Tampons Super 36 Pack

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Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons Simple. Gentle. Reliable. Every ingredient used in Playtex Simply Gentle Glide is rigorously evaluated to provide reliable protection that you can trust to be gentle and safe for your body.*
With purified fibers washed up to five times** and a comfort shape applicator that's free from colors, dyes and BPA, you can feel good about choosing Simply Gentle Glide! With Simply Gentle Glid you can have the best of both worlds - it's simple and a great value! Have peace of mind with the perfect fit for your unique flow, from regular to ultra. Available in convenient multi & value sizes, too!*When used as instructed. **Purified fibers washed up to 5 times and weaved together to form an absorbent core
• 360° PROTECTION and INCREDIBLE COMFORT Shapes to your body for a protective barrier against leaks.
• PURIFIED FIBERS Washed up to 5 Times and weaved together to form an absorbent core.
• FREE FROM colors, dyes, BPA, fragrances.
• CONVENIENT - Playtex tampons are available in multiple absorbencies for all your protection needs: Regular, Super, Super Plus and Multipacks