Playtex Sport Plastic Tampons Super Unscented 36 Pack

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Only Playtex Sport Super Tampons have a 360° design and FlexFit technology that moves the way you move. Playtex Sport Tampons are great tampons for swimming, biking, running or whatever your activity of choice is. Playtex Sport Tampons Unscented Super Absorbency feature 360 SPORT LEVEL PROTECTION designed to fit your body and its every move for a protective leakage barrier. With unique FLEXFIT interlocking FIBERS, Playtex Sport tampons work quickly to TRAP LEAKS. The contoured applicator allows for COMFORTABLE, precise placement. Playtex Sport Tampons Unscented Super Absorbency, keeping you protected throughout your period. Playtex Sport Super Absorbency Tampons - PLAY ON!.