Axe Classic Pomade 75 g

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You love that classic, combed-back, high shine style. So you need something that’s controllable. Touchable. Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade. The mens hair pomade that gives a classic, sophisticated, high shine look and strong, reliable hold that lasts all day long. Craft your own smooth look in the morning and go about your day with structured, touchable hair. Men Hair Styling’s easy. Whether your hair’s damp or dry, take a fingertip’s worth of Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade and mix it up evenly between your fingers. Rake it through your hair – give it a good ruffle until there're no clumps. Comb it through to sculpt your perfect style.

• AXE Clean Cut Look Pomade instantly creates structured styles and controlled look
• With this hair pomade for men you can go modern or give it a retro finish; the options are endless
• AXE Clean Cut Look Pomade is ideal for short to mid-length hair
• A medium hold and a shine finish in a classic pomade
• An easy-to-use styling hair pomade in a 75 g tin
• To use this hair pomade, mix a fingertip amount in between your fingers and rake it through your hair, then finish with a comb to create that perfect style