Attitude Little Leaves Conditioner (Watermelon & Coco)

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Little Leaves Science. Watermelon & Coco Hypoallergenic. Dermatologically Tested. Antipollution. EWG Verified For Your Health . Little Leaves Science Natural Protection. Blueberry super leaves, which are added to the little leaves line, are known for their soothing and protective properties, ideal for your toddler's skin and scalp. Antipollution

Ingredients contained in this product decrease the adhesion of pollutants and detoxify hair and skin. EWG Verified means that this product avoids EWG's ingredients of concern, is committed to full transparency and operates under good manufacturing practices. Did you know that straight hair is made of round fibers, while wavy or curly hair has irregular and oval-shaped fibers that move together making it surprisingly less prone to tangling? No matter what your children hair type is, make struggling with snarls a lot less difficult thanks to Attitude little leaves Conditioner Watermelon & Coco. EWG Verified and made with only natural, hypoallergenic, and plant based ingredients like protective blueberry leaf extract, our detangling conditioner will keep your little ones hair touchably soft, day after day. The added bonus? It features an irresistible and natural coconut and watermelon scent that both you and your kids will love! Benefits. Natural conditioner for kids made with all-natural, plant and mineral based ingredients that are gentle on skin. Enhanced with blueberry leaf and moringa seed extract, known for their powerful calming, protective and antioxidant properties. Hypoallergenic and tested under dermatological control: perfect for your children delicate scalp. Free of harsh fragrances: lightly scented with a refreshing watermelon and coconut aroma.