Nova Scotia Fisherman Bar Soap Fundy Clay and Mint 4.8 Oz

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Xtreme Skin Care. No Animal Testing. No Artificial Color. No Artificial Preservatives. No Artificial Fragrance. Made in Canada. Shiver me timbers we have Fundy Clay & Mint soap that will stimulate and restore renew your senses. Kaolin Clay, Kelp and Mint help balance oily skin without over drying. Hand poured, cold process soap that rejuvenates skin. Vegan too! Infused with powerful Nova Scotia Sea Kelp. No animal testing, no petroleum based ingredients and paraben free. Handmade using premium ingredients. Extreme care for your largest organ SKIN! Coconut Oil. moisturizing. hydrating. helps balance oily skin. Kelp. detoxifym anti-aging properties. stimulates healing of skin. sustainable and local source. Shea Butter. anti-inflammatory. high vitamin A. good for treating blemishes. Peppermint Flakes. soothing. cooling. invigorating.